Delorean DMC-12

This Delorean DMC-12 will be showing at this years event by Darren Biggs.
Facts about the Car:-

It’s a 1981 model made in June of that year.

They were only made for 2 years in Belfast and then shipped to the US.  Only 9000 were made of which 6000 are said to be still on the road. The British government lost 100 million on this investment / gamble with John Delorean.

It was shipped to the US in 81 and spent most of its life there until ending up in Canada 8 years ago. This is where Darren shipped it from last year. It’s now registered as a uk car. It has only 8000 miles from new with all original parts.

It’s a stainless steel bodied, 2 seater sports car with a 2.85 V6 litre PRV engine. PRV means Peugeot Renault Volvo.  This one is a 3 speed auto.  The car gained its fame from being the star of the Back to the Future movies.

Interesting fact!…….Parts for this car were made at The Willenhall Radiator Company.

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