Alfonso’s Ice Cream Van


Vintage Ice Cream Van
Alfonso Urso

“I used to see it daily for 10 years, every time I did the street selling ices and thought I’d love to turn that into an ices van. Then finally I knocked the door n did a deal with guy” said Alfonso when interviewed.

The van belonged to Panoramic Windows in Wolverhampton and was re-registered in 1997 but is obviously a lot older.

“It took 8 months for me to totally refurb the van, changing the petrol engine to diesel, gear box, prop, the lot!” he continued. He then hand built all alloy body resin roof and built all fridge freezers and interior for ice cream.

Alfonso already has 3 weddings booked this year and can be contacted for weddings, fetes, carnivals shows etc. on 07896 460616 or email Email Alfonso